Tristan’s running all over the place

I love to go running.
I sometimes like to write about running too.
So, here's a page on my website dedicated to just that...

I'm currently writing about my journey to the Manchester Marathon 2018, so scroll away through this page to read about that.

But... if you so wish, you can read all about my trials, tribulations, preparation races, blood, sweat and tears leading up to my assault on the London Marathon 2017, running for MS-UK by clicking on the link! (And for the eagle eyed ones of you around here, you'll see by the photo that I did indeed complete the race and managed to brave a smile for at least 10 seconds while being photographed. I hope that doesn't give too much away).

Manchester Marathon 2018

So ladies and gentlemen, here commences the Chronicles of Manchester Marathon 2018, written by Mr Tristan James Watson esq, co-written by a bulk load of training, a few tons of pasta, and the support and goodwill of the ever-wonderful running community.

My 16 week training plan kicks off on Monday 18 December (officially) but i'm definitely expecting a slight false start with that thing called Christmas getting right in the way... Anyway, I will endeavour to venture forward and clock up some quality marathon miles.

My plan between now and Sunday 8 April 2018 will be to write a post at the end of each week of training to evaluate how it all went, and hopefully enlighten the small handful of readers about what I got up to in the previous 7 days.

Expect some photos, occasional swearing and a few wise-quips that probably won't actually be all that wise...

See you on the other side, and thanks for tuning in.



Why oh why would I want to run another marathon...?!

Knowing exactly how my body began to spectacularly fall apart after mile 16 in London. The cramp I suffered up the back of my legs. The blister. The blisters. The blisters. (And a few more blisters). Not being able to walk for about three days afterwards. The (surprising) lack of appetite. Throwing up (a little) on the course. The hours of sacrifice you give to prepare for it. Giving up of nights out, that cheeky post work drink because you've got to squeeze in a 10 mile tempo run that evening. The extra cross training on top of all that running, because you can't just run to prepare for a marathon. Ohhh no, that would be too easy!

See, I don't really think I'm selling it to myself am I?

But the real reason I'm doing this all over again is because I BLOODY love it!

Running is a drug, and I'm full addicted. And I'm not just going for the light stuff, I'm addicted to that all out class A stuff.

Interestingly, I learnt in a book I'm currently reading (Running, Cheaper than Therapy - well worth checking out), that running releases the same chemicals in the brain as when you smoke cannabis! I guess that explains it. No wonder runners get the munchies, feel high and also extremely chilled out all at the same time.

I'm going in for my next big hit. All 26.2 miles of it.

Last time I ran a marathon it was to raise money for MS-UK, an incredible charity that does some amazing work to help those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis. However time round, it's purely down to me. My choice - I'm solely to blame! There will be no charity fundraising to keep me motivated during the cold winter months. Just that shear determination to keep on training hard, log those long miles, hit the gym sessions, and try to enjoy it when my legs start to fall apart.

As I've said above, I'll be checking in once a week to write a bit of a summary of the previous 7 days of training. I'm looking to break that mystical 4hr barrier, so I've put myself together a fairly tough training plan (by my standards at least) which will consist of a weekly speed work session (intervals, fartlek or similar), a tempo run, a Parkrun (NEVER exclude Parkrun, ever), and a long run. Like any good runner, I promise that my weekly distance won't increase by more than 10% too, in the hope of fending off the injury gremlins. I'll start from my weekly mileage base of just under 30 miles, and peak out in March with a week around 45-50 miles if all goes to plan. I'm sure my legs will love me for that!!

So that's the loose plan, and a bit about why I'm marathoning again. Let's see how the next 16 weeks pan out.

Drop me a tweet (@tristan_watson) if you're running Manchester Marathon, or any spring marathon - we're in this together.

Over and out.